Mum’s the word

Silence is golden. And that rings more true once you have kids.

I heard an “amen” somewhere.

And right now it is relatively quiet at home, and I am doing what I love most – writing!

Here’s some background:

I had a mommy blog when I used to work as a full-time editor with a major newspaper. I had my first child, FZ, and I blogged about becoming a mommy, and all of the new wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) things that come with being a parent.

And then I got laid off. In the meantime I had another beautiful baby girl, Mayyo. (That’s not really her name.)

And then blogging somehow got really, really hard.

But I’m back.

I sincerely believe that parents possess the magical powers to raise kids exactly how they wish. What comes between us and good child rearing is time, energy and patience – all things we lack at one time or another.

There are no bad kids or good kids – just kids who have been given more time and love, and those who have not.

In Islam, it is said that heaven lies under the feet of mothers and therefore there lies more of a responsibility for us moms to be as good as we can when raising children, so we can raise kids who will do us proud.

And I hope you will join me as we talk kids, life, mommy moments, interesting things our kids say and do, and hopefully have a giveaway or two!

Here’s to moms everywhere – we wouldn’t be here without you.

God bless.

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