Honesty is the best policy – yes, even with kids

It’s easy to lie to our kids, right? What do they know?

But what we easily forget is that when we keep on lying to our kids, they will start losing faith and trust in us.

So your kid is throwing a tantrum in the car after passing Chuck E. Cheese. You need to get home and get dinner ready. What do you say?

“Chuck E. Cheese is closed. We can go tomorrow.”


Sooner or later your child needs to learn that when Mom or Dad says no, then that should be the final word. Why always make excuses or lies? One day she will pass by Chuck E. Cheese and see people going inside while you said it was closed.

You can distract her by offering her some other incentive. Tell her you will take her tomorrow if she behaves right now.

Lying is an easy way to bypass a kid’s tantrum or whining. For example, you’re drinking soda and your 2-year-old wants some.

What do you say?

“I’m drinking medication.”


You say, “You cannot drink this. This is not for kids. This is for Mama.” Enough said.

I have seen a lot of Pakistani/Indian parents use this lie for soda. You know, one day your kid will think medication is something pretty great if all the adults are drinking it. What will you do the day they ask: “Can I have medication, too?”

Small, insignificant lies add up. Pretty soon our kids will start losing trust in us since we never own up to our decisions. And this will follow our kids as they grow into adults.

Give your sweet kids a little credit. If you are consistent and firm, your kids will appreciate this more than a flimsy parent who always gives in or sugar coats things.

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