Full-time mommy, not full-time crazy

There’s a reason that newborns nap so frequently.

Yeah that circadian rhythm, rest thing is there too. But I honestly believe God made us this way so that mommies could get a break.

Once that umbilical cord is cut a baby becomes an independent functioning unit separate from the mom. So why is that we feel (or told to feel rather) that we must be joined at the hip with our kids to be good parents?

It’s in a baby’s best interest to have a happy mother.

If you have a tired, cranky mom there will be a breaking point. No matter how we miraculously multi-task or function without more than a cereal bar for breakfast, we are, after all, human. We need naps, too.

And it doesn’t help to have some dads retort: Well you’re a mom. You are supposed to spend every waking moment with your kids. AND enjoy it.

Uh, no. Have you seen your children?!

I’ve never read of a mother who intentionally woke up her kids (besides for setting a sleep routine) because she wanted to spend more time with them. On the contrary, I have heard of parents who will stop at nothing to get their kid to sleep so they can get some relief. I’m talking about you, Mr. Drive Around the Block 15 Gazillion Times at 10 P.M.

God injects this beautiful thing in women when He makes them mothers. They love unconditionally, will bend over backwards to make their kids happy, cry at their pain, etc. However that love is what makes us want to be better parents. I love my girls and that is why I want them to thrive and be successful.

And no doubt: A happy mom means a happy baby. A well-deserved break brings a mother back to her child refreshed and clearheaded. If I am already running on empty, it won’t take much to tip me over. Admit it. We all have been there and it’s not pretty.

Just the other day I had a 9-month-old ankle deep in canola oil. I didn’t say one word – I just cried. It had already been a long day. Mayyo didn’t take her afternoon nap, so I had her to deal with. Plus FZ. And I had been in the kitchen for 3 hours straight already. I was tired. Thank God this happened after my husband was home from work.

We should not feel guilty for wanting a moment alone to ourselves. We should not feel guilty for feeling some days like packing up our kids in a box and shipping them to Chuck E. Cheese’s house. (He likes kids right?)

And all joking aside, it is not healthy to have a mother start feeling resentful. Depression is serious, and it can creep up easily for a mom. It’s so vital to have go-to people you can count on when you need a break – Dad, Grandma, a sibling, or best friend.

So to all those moms counting the minutes down until their kid naps, you are not alone. I hope you enjoy your break and live it up.

One thought on “Full-time mommy, not full-time crazy

  1. I remember feeling almost giddy as nap time arrived…nothing like shutting the door behind a napping baby. Good points…mom’s definitely need breaks and shouldn’t feel guilty taking them or asking for help.

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