How could I forget my kid’s routine??

I have a 3-year-old and FZ is pretty well settled, so I thought I had it all down.

Then Mayyo came along and even though she is a good natured baby (thank God!), she is quite the clingy one.

And when we came back from a family trip to New York, all she wanted to do was climb into my arms and just chill.

Which doesn’t sound so bad, until you have to cook. And clean. And use the bathroom. Sigh.

After a few days of going absolutely nuts, I realized: The kid has no routine!

I literally had to bonk myself on the head when I thought about it. What the heck happened to my mommy sense?

So the next day I got Mayyo up. She ate breakfast, went down for her first nap, and woke up a much happier baby. In fact she even ventured some feet away from me.


It’s been a couple weeks now and Mayyo is happier, well settled and even sleeping better! But you all knew that, right?

Well I should have known that. After all Mayyo isn’t my first child. But that just proves that parents are always learning, and we shouldn’t be so quick to shrug off advice from others.

Plus this also goes to show how important naps are. Following a baby’s internal sleep cues is vital for a happier and healthier child. I know too many parents, myself included, who sometimes forego a nap, and all it does is ruin the whole day. Why become a slave to your kid’s schedule? Well now that you’re a parent, you might as well just accept that your life will revolve around your kid’s for a while.

Hey, look on the bright side. If all goes well you’ll have a well-adjusted, happy, healthy kid to show off the fruits of your labor.

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