Nothing can beat a mother’s love

In the Holy Qur’an, God says that I love you more than a mother loves her child…. and when I was growing up, I just kind of believed it but never really understood what that meant.

Then when I had a child of my own, it hit me. A mother’s love is really something else, something out of this world. And it was only after I had my children that I realized how awesome my mom is.

For one, my mom was an immigrant when she had me and my siblings. She moved to the U.S. in 1980 and had me in March 1981. I think now how hard it must have been for her to be in a new country, without her own mom or family to support her and having her first child.

And my mom did an amazing job with us. She was always consistent and stuck to her guns. Because of her superb child rearing, we are blessed.

When I had FZ, my mom was with me each step of the way and she still gives me great tips and advice. She’s the kind of mom you don’t run away from because what she says works. I have well-adjusted, not spoiled, daughters, thanks to my mom.

One of the Holy Prophet Mohammad’s great-grandsons, Imam Sajjad, had this to say about mothers: “They carry you in a way that no one else can carry you. And they feed you while putting their own needs second. They sacrifice sleep and comfort while carrying you and taking care of you in the womb….”

And when you read that God’s love is more merciful than a mother’s, you can’t help but shed tears of gratitude. For it was that same God that blessed us with moms who carried us, gave birth to us, and tended to our every needs when we were totally unable to even move ourselves….

To mothers everywhere – we honor you and sacrifices. Thank you God for placing such unconditional love in the hearts of mothers! May we raise our kids with the same selfless mercy as You have shown us.

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