Does your kid’s birthday party look more like a party pooper?

A child’s big day should be a nice event. For the kid.

So unless your kid enjoys a sit down meal at a restaurant and formal wear, ditch the fine china and let them run wild.

This summer my Mayyo turns 1 and the day before my FZ turns 4. But it will be a party with kids and people FZ likes to hang out with, not the second cousin of her aunt’s friend who likes to leave big lipstick marks on cheeks.

Instead of cake, we will have cupcakes. And the menu will be pizza and salad. Don’t forget the goody bags!! With books, writing pads and a few kid-friendly sweets – not Jawbreakers. ??!!?? (Yes, I have seen those, too).

And no wasting time posing for 2 million photos with random strangers. There will be room to run around and there may be water involved….? (It will be summertime, after all.)

I have seen too many young children subjected to non-fun birthday parties. I have 2 kids and neither of them enjoy scratchy clothes, big frills and sitting down. And why should they? Especially on their birthdays?

I’ve been to a 1st birthday party in a hall where the birthday girl proceeded to cry the ENTIRE TIME. Uh, can I have my goody bag and get the hell out of here??

Granted it is a big day but is it worth it to have an unhappy child on their special day just so Mommy and Daddy can look good? And I don’t know about you, but I would rather save money on a big bash and have a party my kidactuallyenjoys. Hey, it’s a win-win all around.

A special day for my kid, involving balloons and presents and cake, with people she loves and enjoys spending time with. That is what a child’s birthday should be about.

2 thoughts on “Does your kid’s birthday party look more like a party pooper?

  1. This is why we always fall back on Chuck E Cheese for the boys’ birthdays. Everyone enjoys and there’s no clean up or set up on my part.

    • Good point! I have yet to do a Chuck E. Cheese party – mostly because FZ isn’t too fond of the mouse when he is up close. But it does seem like a win-win party. And I know plenty of adults who actually enjoy playing those games!

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