When playing nice seems impossible

So now that Mayyo is walking, she finds it much easier to toddle over to FZ and grab whatever she wants. I mostly watch from the sidelines and only get involved when there is shrieking – which there usually is.

Does this look familiar? Welcome to my life.

Although I have to stifle a smile when I see Mayyo’s poker face after she messes with FZ. She really looks like she has no idea what she is doing.

Here’s how it usually goes:

FZ has a doll.

Mayyo wants that exact doll.

Mayyo grabs it from FZ.

FZ grabs it back.

Mayyo shrieks.

Mama saves the day.

I find myself saying “FZ share,” like 2 million times a day. And sometimes I feel bad because why should FZ be the one giving up everything? Mayyo has toys of her own. But she always wants the exact same one her sister has.

So a good friend Anngela gave me a great tip – start marking Mayyo’s toys, so once the girls are fighting over something, the mark will serve as the mediator.

I totally underestimated the sibling squabbles that would ensue once I had 2 kids. Heck, I just wanted FZ to play with someone other than me.

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