My first degree in child rearing

Come this June 30, I will  have completed 4 years of child rearing. Not sure what kind of degree it means I have, but I am sure it is a culmination of a BS, BA and BM degree.

I look back and am grateful that the University of God accepted my application and allowed me to partake in the studies of child rearing. Even though at times I felt like quitting, little things like a hug, kiss and a sweet smile always pushed me back on track.

And after I got through with the sleepless nights, and had to deal with weaning of many kinds, seeing my child become independent made it easier to keep chugging.

Although this degree does not make me an expert, I have some pride in my experience – FZ and Mayyo. They are thriving, smart and happy girls. And I am blessed that I have a had a great support system helping me make sure I raise my girls in the best way possible.

Thanks to all the books and articles I have read, I am well versed in the subjects of pregnancy and labor/delivery, c-sections, VBACs, breastfeeding, sleep training and potty training.

That said, I am ready for the next degree, no matter how long it takes. You know as they say, a parent never stops learning.

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