Family photo session goes kaput

It can be so frustrating seeing your child just up and refuse to take part in something for no good reason at all.

And here you are totally helpless. You can’t force them to do anything. All you can do is try and be patient. And bribe.

Just recently FZ became anti-camera. Place a camera in front of her and she will cover both eyes and refuse to be ‘shot.’

I didn’t mind it so much until we planned our family portraits. And this was FZ’s decision that we all take new photos as a family to include Mayyo since all the photos we have at home were mostly of FZ.

So since FZ seemed OK with taking new photos, I booked a session, planned the girls’ outfits and set the session at a time when the girls would be less cranky.

I covered all my bases. We were good to go – or so I thought.

Come family portrait day and FZ doesn’t want to even change her clothes. Then we go to the studio and all hell breaks loose. FZ is adamant – “No photos.” We coax her and offer her bribes of her favorite lollipop.


All we end up with is a few photos that are frame-worthy, a TON of photos of a really unhappy 4-year-old and one unhappy mom.

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