These days I am a SAHFM

Sure it takes a few days to get used to the routine, but after a good week, fasting seems like second nature.

The hardest part for me these past Ramadans has been the sleep deprivation associated with being a fasting mom.

And add to that the fact that I am a SAHM, so the all-day-stand-at-attention position does not do well to my already tested patience.

While it takes a lot of energy to run around the little ones, at least you aren’t sitting around bored waiting for the sunset. Time really does fly when you have kids driving you nuts.

It’s interesting to see how our life challenges change as we get older. Whereas before during Ramadan I had to really work on discipline, I now find myself working on patience. And I love my kids, but they don’t help.

And as the day draws to an end, it is nice to sit down with other moms at iftaar (fast breaking dinner) and see how they fare during the fasting days. Our chats don’t last too long – we are almost always interrupted by our dear children, but at least this time we have some energy!

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