Pre-K: Ready or not, here we come

Monday is the first day of school. FZ will be an official school-goer.

I am not sure how I will fare. Will I dance in the streets with glee? Or be really depressed that my little girl is not-so-little anymore and taking on the world?

She’s been going to a school skills drop-off class for a couple of months now which got her (and me) used to the whole “dropping off” concept. But that was only a once a week class. Now she will be going every day.

Yesterday we went school supply shopping, which FZ really enjoyed. And it sent me back years to when I was a kid and going school supply shopping. I miss those days.

Parenting sends us mixed signals. We get sick of hearing our kids whine and fight. Then when we get a moment of peace, we can’t stand it.

My dear FZ, it has been a pleasure watching you grow into an independent and intelligent young girl. Here’s to the first of many, many more milestones to come. I won’t be with you always, but I pray God keep you in His Protection and be with you every step of the way.