Go ahead, moms don’t judge

For the past 24-48 hours I have been wiping down a runny nose. M won’t nap because once she falls asleep she can’t breathe. She is clingy and awful to deal with. So for lunch I stole fish sticks off my kid’s plate.

Don’t judge. The fish sticks for lunch, or the fact that I stole them.

Being a mom means you belong to an interesting club. Labor stories are shared like war stories. Weird issues, like poop color, don’t phase you. And, there is NOTHING that surprises you.

With that being said, moms are also, unfortunately, known to be sometimes exclusive of who they interact with and quite judgmental.

“You DON’T breastfeed? How terrible for your child!”

“Cloth diapers is THE way to go.”

“Wow, what an UNDISCIPLINED child.”

I try not to judge. Hey, I am a mom after all. I know what it’s like to survive a sleepless night and still have to put my best foot forward in the morning. I know what it means to work and pump. I have sleep trained, and taken part in every kind of weaning you can think of.

But I am human. And I know raising kids is hard. If you are trying, then that is what matters. Why do some moms, old and young, forget how it is to be a mom?