Sticking it to nasty colds and congestion

When it’s cold season I dread congested noses. Poor sniffling kids who can’t sleep, can’t nurse, can’t breathe. It is just horrible.

Sure humidifiers, Vicks, and steam baths help, but it just takes time. And you really can’t explain that to your kid.

So you have a cranky kid who can’t breathe and therefore cannot fall asleep, and you have your fingers constantly dipping into the Vicks. But there is a light.

Enter the Babyganics Cold Relief Chest Rub in stick form! That’s right! Perfect for post-bath smearing and pre-bedtime touchups.

I have to admit it was a bit pricey (I got it for $6.99 from Babies R Us), but it is worth it. At least to have one ready for the bedside so even a kid can apply a little to their chests to feel better at night. I also buy the tubs of Vicks (Love Target’s Up and Up version of the baby rub) for massive application.

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