Going yum-yum for Mum-Mums

Why do all baby snacks taste dreadful? Like cardboard or really tasteless Cheetos? I used to care but then I figured, who cares? As long as my kid eats it, I am good.

When I had my first child, I wanted her to have only the good stuff. So I bought a box of Baby Mum-Mums. Organic rice rusks, said the box. She never cared for them. So I tried one. I ended up throwing away the whole box. Yeah, definitely didn’t make the midnight snack cut.

Then I bought some for my second daughter. Same story. So I gave up on Baby Mum-Mums. Although they seemed like a great snack. Easy to carry. Easy to chew on. And simple flavors like banana or apple.

When my son came along I gave him the tried and true baby snacks. You know the puffs and melts, etc. But one day we were outside and a friend gave her daughter a Mum-Mum rusk and my son swiped it. He LOVED them. In fact he loved them so much my friend ended up giving me extras.

He liked the Baby Mum-Mums so much, that I decided to try the Toddler Mum-Mums, too. And he just inhaled those. Especially the apple version.

I was so happy that he liked them because they seemed healthier and better than chips and cookies. But to my dismay, my happiness was short lived. I ended up finding out (from Alexandra over at the Mum-Mums company) that the Toddler Mum-Mums contain beef-derived gelatin and that’s a big no-no for our diet as Muslims.

But for the while it lasted, I was happy with the Mum-Mums. I do hope they find an alternative to beef gelatin, considering they are an organic snack.

Of course now that I have three little ones, snack time takes on a more creative turn… we make our own potato chips, pizza pockets, etc. What do you all do for snack time?

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