The little creatures in our home

We are moms. And we know how to do a lot of things. It can be hard to not let all that power go to our heads.

But a big part of being a good mom is exerting patience and letting our little ones learn the right way.

My teacher said it best: “We have to remember that we have been given these kids from God. We can’t exercise power over them simply because we have the power. We have to take care of them and remember that they are creatures of God.”

I know for myself it can be really hard to remember that even though I am mom, I am also responsible for my kids’ upbringing. Through my actions and words, my kids learn how to navigate through this world. Am I setting the best example? Or do I just tell them what to do because I can? Because they have no power over me?

It can be nice to end the argument with, “No. Because I said so. Because I am mom.” But I am trying to explain better, and especially with my eldest daughter, I am trying to include her opinions and suggestions in our daily routine so she feels involved.

Sometimes it all feels like too much. Sometimes I think – can’t kids just eat, sleep and play? Sure, it would be easier. But when you really, really think about it, these kids are the next generation. Think of all the power we have in creating a better generation. I pray we put that power to good use and raise humble, kind and generous children, who will hopefully make our world a much better place.

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