Master chef in the making?

Sometimes you think no one notices how much you slave away trying to make a house a “home.”

How many times you wash the dishes, how many times you break up the fights, how many times you wipe up juice from the floor, how many times you clean artwork from the walls, how many hours you spend cooking/baking, etc.

But then you get a moment. As the day winds down and you give the kids dinner before passing out, your middle one comes to you and says:

“Mama, your khana (food) is so yummy! I took a bite, put it in my mouth, and finished it! I love your khana!”

Oh man. Can I just say I was beaming with pride for a good 5 minutes? Then it was back to mom mode, but that was a nice 5 minutes.

Sure, my husband appreciates me, and so do my kids, but as a mother you will inevitably put in more work in the short term than you get out. Your rewards will come in the long term. Like, it’s nice to have other moms speak well of your child’s manners, but that grooming took 6 years!

So it really is a nice feeling to have your child say you are the best cook ever, and that you should open up a restaurant.

Who cares if I am not on the Food Network. My kids love my cooking, and that’s all that matters. One day when they grow up and remember my food, I hope they smile and crave my meals like I crave my mom’s.