5 reasons why yelling at your kids is no use

1. You sound like a monster, not a mom – No one ever yells “I love you!” or “You’re so wonderful! Come here and let me give you a HUG!!!!!” Since living with kids means you repeat something like a million times a day, yelling all the time will only turn you into a fire-breathing monster parent. And turn your house into a hostile environment. Ever seen a TV show depict the inside of a prison? Enough said.

2. Yelling doesn’t make anything happen faster – Oh, I’ve tried. Yelling only makes kids resent you and the action you want done.

3. It makes your throat hurt – And that’s no fun.

4. You raise a ‘yeller’ – If you teach your kids that yelling is the way to get things done, they will eventually yell at the spouses and then, their kids. Soft, yet stern words, go a long way in getting your point across.

5. It teaches your kids to tune you out – Yelling and shouting are ineffective ways to communicate. The saying ‘kindness kills,’ is really true. If you go toward your kids with compassion and firmness, they will see you mean business. I once simply showed my daughter I was disappointed with her actions. I didn’t yell or shout. And it made her understand quickly, without tears and drama.

A home should be a safe place to learn and grow. The same reason why we wouldn’t want our kids’ teachers yelling at our kids, we should instill in ourselves. There are times when you need to give a good shout, and that’s fine. But it should be reserved for those instances – a toddler running into the street, a child going toward a hot stove, etc.

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