Ramadan Mubarak! And some news!

The blessed month of Ramadan is here again! It’s a little different this year for me, because this year I have been trying to plan on how to make it more of meaningful for my kids. Especially FZ, since she will be fasting full-time come next year.

But before I go into that topic, I have exciting news to share! I have finally finished my first children’s book! When FZ was 5, I remember her millions of questions about everything under the sun: Why is the grass green? How to airplanes fly? Why do we die? Who is God?

And I told myself that I would always entertain her questions and try to explain them in a way that made sense to her. At least as much as her little brain could hold, anyway.

So that got my mind rolling into writing kids’ books in a language kids understood, with questions and discussion topics for parents to help engage their kids, as well. For me, the more important thing was to have my kids see how these issues affect them in their own lives. Sure lying is bad, but what would you do?

Long story short, I started writing short stories on important life lessons, and I have finally finished my first one! I have started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to help fund future books. I hope with the support of you all, that I can get two more books out by the end of summer.

Back to fasting

So back to fasting and Ramadan… Now that FZ is turning 8, I am more focused on making this life change a positive experience for her. I have a few ideas on trying to make each day different, but I am working on this as I go along, so wish me luck! And please share your ideas as well! I’d love to hear about things that you all have tried.

In the meantime, I pray all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters get the opportunity to reap the full rewards of this holy month. And I pray Allah accepts your fasts and worship!