Who wants a spoiled brat?

I admit I may have been late to the “doling out chores” game. 

You might wonder why. Do you actually enjoy doing all the work? 

No, I don’t. But I have a problem. And that problem is that I like my things done in a certain way. Kids, and my husband, don’t understand this (itty bitty) problem. 

So, I just have been folding, picking, cleaning, arranging… and now I can’t take it. 

While I may be late (my eldest is 8 now), at least I’m trying to right my wrong. And I feel bad because to tell you the truth, FZ has been begging to help me out in the kitchen and with dusting, etc. 

I complied and put on my patience pants (is that a thing?), and let her do small tasks and make the mistakes that come with learning, and it’s actually been a great experience. I’ve had to step back, let go of my crazy OCD tendencies, and let my daughter blossom into a helpful, hard-working child. And also I get to relax a bit now!

Was it so bad? What was I really worried about? 

I really have had to stop and take into account my priorities when it comes to parenting. Before it used to be good food and bedtime. But now that I look back, those things pale in comparison to what it really takes to raise well-balanced, emotionally healthy kids.

It takes parents who take time to understand the needs of their child/ren. Sure we all need food, water, and shelter, but that isn’t it. In my quest for the clean and organized home, I ignored my daughter’s need to grow up. 

It’s interesting how God has instilled these traits in our children. Just a year ago this girl had no interest in the kitchen or any chores, and now she’s happily dusting away.

And to think if I kept on I wouldn’t have just raised a girl who would lack proper housekeeping skills, more importantly I would have raised a spoiled brat who would think she was entitled to having everything done for her. 

Such a beautiful relationship this is between parent and child. Parenting really is about becoming the person we want our kids to be.